Product Spotlight: Residential Door Operator

This month we are spotlighting our Residential Door Operator. The ECI 3000 series of linear door operators offer smooth, quiet, and powerful direct-drive linear motion. Its robust commercial grade multiapplication design provides the perfect choice for residential accordion gates, LULA (Limited Use Limited Access), and medium-weight commercial elevator doors. We incorporate the latest closed-loop door technology requiring no-limit switches and universal installation, providing either left or right-hand operation. Its state-of-the-art LCD door control interface offers faster setup and parameter adjustments in real-time via the onboard LCD display.

Features of the Residental Door Operator include an ultra-quiet direct drive linear motion, brushless DC motor for extended life maintenance-free operation, closed-loop door control that provides for absolute door positioning. It requires no (micro) limit switches and automatically learns the position of adjustable door stops. The Universal Installation Non-handed can be used on both left and right-handed applications. It also includes Door (System) Coupling Connection Bracketing: Magnetic Break-a-way. It has a user-friendly set-up-through onboard LCD display, LED Indicator lights for door position, Speed and Torque adjustments, Control Inputs Signals – Selectable for either 24V or 110V for open, close, and nudging, and Universal Input power 100 – 240V. 

Options for the Residental Door Operator include Accordion Gate Doors, Door Saddles / Sills – Anodized Extruded Aluminum in Clear, Gold, and Bronze, and Custom color cover plates. 

Model: 3000 Linear operators

Part No. ECIA045.00009786

Standard Model(s) 3000-29, 3000-32, 3000-36, 3000-42, 3000-45

Clear door openings from 29”to 45”

Custom size operators available

Contact us today for Residential Door Operators. We look forward to serving you soon! 


Don’t Overlook the Key Evacuation and Safety Proceedures for your Building. Hurricane-Proof your Elevator Today!

Palm trees and Hurricane winds
Floridians are well-versed in Hurricane preparedness, but one of the often overlooked and crucial safety procedures is making sure your building’s elevators are hurricane-ready. Hurricane season is here, don’t wait until it’s too late to take the necessary steps to secure your building. Water damage is costly, and if your elevator is out of commission, so is your building.

Here are the easy pre-storm checks that ECI America can perform to keep your elevator safe and dry.

  • Assume rising water will creep into your building’s elevator system. Stop elevator cabs in the center of the hoistway to prevent possible flooding and further damage.
  • Check alarms,  float switches, and pumps in elevator pits along with routine safety and maintenance checks.
  • Secure doors and hatches with weather stripping as well as choosing any vents or exposed openings to the outdoors.
  • Test emergency lights and emergency phones to be sure that safety features are working properly in the event of power surges and outages.
  • Check generators and auxiliary power supplies have adequate fuel and charges available in case of a power outage.
  • Did you know that there are a lot of upgrades that can be made to ensure your elevator isn’t affected by power outages? ECI has all of the parts and supplies you need to keep the heart of your building functional during a hurricane.