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modern environmentally friendly LED down light ceiling kit

CabLite® Egg Crate Ceiling Replacement Kits

CabLite® LED Ceiling Conversion Kits transform unsightly egg-crate and translucent drop ceilings into a modern environmentally friendly LED down light ceiling, utilizing your existing frame or new frame design.

The CabLite® Ceiling Advantage

  • Cost effective upgrade, costing 50% less than conventional ceilings.
  • Attractive modern looking LED down light ceiling utilizing your existing frame.
  • Eliminates unsightly dirty or broken egg-crate and translucent panels.
  • Meets all Elevator Code requirements for fire resistant panels and light levels providing for overall passenger comfort and safety.
  • Easily installs with lightweight panels and hardware.
  • Eco-Friendly, CabLite® “ECO” LED lighting specifically designed for 24/7 continuous use.
  • Reduced Maintenance – eliminates the constant need to clean up or replace broken egg crate ceilings or light bulbs and ballasts.

Optional Accessories

  • New Frame changes the design and look of the existing symmetrical lay-out.
  • Customer Choice of Standard and Custom colors
  • Energy Saving Auto light and fan control for unoccupied cabs.
  • Emergency Lighting battery back-up.
  • Upgradeable to our vandal resistant LED Lighting.

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