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reduce wasteful energy consumption of lights

CabLite® Luminous Auto Light Control

Elevator lighting consumes the majority of electricity in elevator operations, as the lights are generally on 24/7. Turning the lights and fans off during unoccupied periods of use can reduce wasteful consumption by 80% or more.

Do you want to turn off the lights and start saving today?

The Cablite® Luminous Auto Light Control incorporates intelligent lighting control technology to reduce wasteful energy consumption of lights and fan when the elevator is unoccupied or out of service and automatically turns on when demand is present. Specifically designed to work with our CabLite® ECO, CabLite® VR and CabLite® Linear Strip Lighting Systems, the CabLite® Luminous Auto Light Control is tailor made by ECI America to elevator industry standards.

The CabLite® Luminous Advantage

  • Energy savings of 80% or more can be realized over uncontrolled lighting systems. Energy savings is further enhanced when connecting the device to the cab ventilation fan.
  • Elevator Code Complaint Lighting system meets all current AMSE A17.1 code requirements for General lighting, emergency battery back-up and alarm bell signaling.
  • Universal installation, the CabLite® Luminous Auto Light Controller can be installed on any make or model of elevator with interruption of branch lighting circuit.
  • Adjustable timers for light out and fan control.
  • Provides 4 required AMSE inputs, with 2 optional inputs available for accelerometers motion sensor, phone or panic button signaling. All inputs are isolated.
  • Actual return on investment can be calculated.

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