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environmentally friendly modern LED light fixture

CabLite® ECO

The CabLite® ECO lighting series, provides an environmentally friendly modern LED light fixture with the look and feel of a traditional Halogen or incandescent lamp, while disbursing full, even cab illumination. CabLite® ECO also enhances the beauty of your cab interior while providing comfort and safety.

The CabLite® ECO Advantage

  • Dimmable, LED Lighting, specifically designed for 24/7 continuous use with exceptional LED life expectancy.
  • Listed product, meets all ASME A17.1 code requirements for general and emergency lighting.
  • Allows for any future servicing requirements via maintenance personnel from inside of cab.
  • 2 – Year warranty.
  • Consistent LED color rendering, for superior video recording imagery. Available in Warm White, Natural White and Crisp Bright White.
  • ECO- Friendly, Energy efficient, low wattage LED lighting reduces carbon foot print.
  • Superior Cab illumination via our wide-angle lens, delivering an even light disbursement which eliminates unsightly light reflections and LED pixilation, in the cab.
  • LED life expectancy is unaffected by auto light controls or extreme outside ambient temperatures, even in instant – on / instant – off applications.
  • Low profile design for increased cab drop ceiling heights.
  • Reduced maintenance with no bulbs, drivers or ballasts to replace.
  • Lighting fixture colors: Standard color choices are Brushed #4 stainless steel or Black.

Optional Accessories

  • Dimming – included as a standard feature.
  • Emergency Lighting – battery backup for two or more lights.
  • Energy Saving Auto light & fan control – lights on/ lights off technology for unoccupied cabs.
  • Custom lighting fixture colors available upon request.
  • Wiring Covers for flexible conduit connectivity and step protection for Cab top applications.

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