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MerLite® Emergency Lighting Battery Backup Systems

The MerLite® 2000 Series of emergency lighting battery backup for elevators, make it possible to select any number of specified light(s) or all the lights in the elevator, to operate in an emergency power outage. By utilizing the general operational lighting, the technically advanced M erLite® offers greatly increased emergency light levels, boasting 10 times or more light than standalone or COP mounted devices. This provides light you can see by, for a safer, brighter and more comforting environment for trapped passengers in an emergency. 

Elevator Safety Lighting Engineered To Make Buildings Safer, Smarter & Brighter. 

Emergency lighting in an elevator is among a building’s most important safety features. The MerLite® 2000 series eliminates the use of intrusive, unattractive wall mount and COP emergency lights, allowing the emergency lighting to illuminate through the architecturally specified lighting designs, for an uncompromised cab interior. 

ECI America Optimizes New & Existing Elevator Lighting Technology

The MerLite® 2000 Series of Emergency Lighting Battery Backup Systems offer universal acceptability for commonly marketed LED, Compact Fluorescent, Fluorescent, Halogen, and Incandescent Lighting. 

These universal emergency lighting systems provide standalone battery backup that does not rely on the electrical system of the building. They are always operational and ready for use. 

Elevators must be brightly illuminated at all times, Our CabLite® LED Lighting and MerLite® 2000 emergency lighting product lines are manufactured specifically to meet elevator code requirements. Our LED lighting, emergency lighting, and auto-shutoff devices offer worldwide acceptability, making the installation of ECI America MerLite® 2000 system(s) seamless.