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Is your Elevator ADA Compliant?

Is your Elevator ADA Compliant? 

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires at least one elevator in your building to meet the accessibility requirements. Review the following information on ADA elevator compliance for a better understanding of procedures. 

ADA Elevator Compliance Basics

One term to be aware of when talking about ADA Standards for elevators are “public accommodation,” a private entity holding, leasing, or operating public facilities such as public spaces for recreation, rental locations, hotels, and facilities for lodging. Public accommodations also include stores, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, specific offices, and other types of public areas. Another term is “readily achievable,” modifications that can be made with little to no inconvenience or cost. The ADA requires public accommodations to make changes readily achievable to make the area as accessible as possible.

ADA Provisions on Commercial Elevators

Property owners may want to review the following list of ADA provisions specifically for elevators to be aware of their units’ requirements.

  •  All elevator doors must open and close automatically. Elevators must also have a reopening feature to immediately stop and reopen the elevator door if a passenger enters the elevator without physical contact.
  • All emergency control buttons must be grouped in an accessible, centralized area of an elevator’s control panel.
  • A communication feature must be present in elevator units for deaf and blind users.
  • Handrails must be at the standard height of 30 inches.
  • The elevators’ floor area should be large enough to provide ample space for a wheelchair user to enter the unit, reach controls, and safely exit the elevator.
  • The minimum amount of time elevators doors must stay open for entry is 3 seconds.
  • All elevators must have control features such as buttons, visual, tactile, and braille control designators.
  • All call buttons in elevators are centered at 42 inches above floor level and must feature visual signals to display when each call is recorded and answered.




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