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Why Elevator Lighting is Important and the Difference Will Shock You

Imagine for a minute that one of your new clients is visiting your building, before they ever shake your hand, they find your suite number and head towards the elevator(s) to your office. They are greeted by two doors that slowly open to a dimly lit space with missing, burned-out and flickering lights. Their first impression of you is an ominous space that immediately puts them on edge before they have met you.

In such a small space, it’s critical that elevator lighting is compact. That’s why LED lighting is the perfect pairing for elevators. Other lighting generates heat, making an already cramped space even less comfortable requiring further ventilation and cooling. However, with modern LED lighting, heat output is significantly reduced. Elevators in commercial buildings have strict code requirements. ECI America designs and manufactures LED lighting products specifically to ensure that safety is at the forefront in both meeting and exceeding all Elevator Code requirements, including, fire resistant ceiling panels and emergency lighting.

CabLite® LED Ceiling Conversion Kits

ECI America’s Egg-Crate replacement kits help convert your dimly lit and unsightly drop ceilings into a modern environmentally friendly down lighting showcase. Utilizing your existing ceiling frame or new frame design, ECI’s CabLite® ECO Ceilings offer a cost-effective, more efficient way to renovate the appearance of your elevator’s interior. Not only, will it completely change the look, it can reduce your carbon energy footprint costs by 50% or more over traditional lighting. More importantly, CabLite® LED Lighting is designed for 24/7 continuous use and verified code complaint light levels to ensure brighter, safer elevator cabs.

CabLite® LED Lighting Fixtures

CabLite® Eco Lighting Series offers modern and beautiful architecturally pleasing light colorations and fixture designs to meet any desired or specified elevator application. Fixture choices include downlighting, linear, perimeter, RGB accent, and vandal resistant products. Universal, CabLite® fixtures are available in common industry dimensional footprints and offer use with universal sized beauty rings to cover any existing ceiling hole size. Cove, linear and perimeter application fixtures are available in custom cut and fixed lengths.  All CabLite LED lighting provides consistent light coloration, offered in warm white, natural white and bright white for high visibility and superior video recording capabilities. CabLite® comes with a two-year warranty! 

Available in several modern and beautiful architecturally pleasing fixture styles and light colorations to meet any desired or specified elevator application.

Fixture styles include downlighting, linear, perimeter, RGB accent and vandal-resistant product designs. The application-specific designs allow for universal replacement of existing bulbs, in several common industry dimensional footprints. Also available, are universal sized adaptor plates (beauty rings) to cover any existing ceiling hole size.

Cove, linear and perimeter application fixtures are available in custom cut and fixed lengths for complete uninterruptable continuous light.

CabLite® guarantees code-compliant light levels, consistent light coloration and comes with a two-year warranty.  

Call ECI today to inquire about CabLite® for all of your company’s elevator lighting needs. 1-800-633-9788.



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