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Part Repair and Ordering


SKU Name
1240 OTIS Emergency Lowering Device
100-A8112J1 OTIS PCB
100-A8114F1 OTIS PCB
100-A8116B1 OTIS Mech Hall Cal Regulator
100-B8112A1 OTIS Car Variable
100-B8112C1 OTIS Car Variable
108-A8124AL1 OTIS Timer Board
10-A8125AL1 OTIS PCB
110-A8124AL1 OTIS Special Svc Board
113-A8124AL1 OTIS Special Svc Board
114-A8124AL1 OTIS Special Svc Board
131-A8121AL1-2 OTIS Car Attend Operator
135-A8124AL2 OTIS Special Svc Board
139-A8124AL1 OTIS Car Shuttle Operator Board #1
140-A8124AL OTIS Car Shuttle Operator Board #2
1-A8119AK1 OTIS Fire Service Relay
1-A8119AK2 OTIS Fire Service Relay
1-A8123C1-3 OTIS Exp Prior Svc Board
1-A8123D1-4 OTIS Grp Exp Prior Svc Board
1-A8124C1 OTIS PCB
1Y-7088B1 OTIS Timer Board
2-A8123C OTIS Exp Prior Svc Board
326010-72 OTIS Robicon Drive Board
326052-1 OTIS Robicon Drive Board