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continuous run LED lighting

CabLite® LED Moving Walk Linear Strips

*Moving walkways* Autowalks* Moving sidewalks *Moving pavement* Moving conveyor* Travolator* Travelator*

CabLite® LED Moving Walk Linear Strips are designed to replace existing florescent fixtures on commercial people moving walks. The product was specifically designed for 24/7 use and offers a continuous run light source for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

A major advantage of this product is that it can be ordered to meet any specified light level, to include luminous flux levels of 10ftc or greater, increasing passenger safety in poor light environments. It can also be ordered in architecturally pleasing color(s) or multi colored RGB for blending or accenting the building environment.

The CabLite® Advantage

  • Energy Efficient Eco-friendly, LED Lighting Technology, recyclable, hazardous waste free.

  • Certified Lighting Product, CSA Compliant, TUV Listed, meets all ASME A17.1 code requirements.

  • Specified Light Levels, for enhanced riding passenger safety.

  • Specified LED Coloration, white spectrum, fixed color and RGB offerings.

  • Continuous Run, no dead spots between fixture lengths.

  • Superior Longevity, advanced LED heat sinking design for continual use commercial applications.

  • Application Resistance, to vibration, water and vandalism.

  • Maintenance Free, snap-in place design for ease ofinstallation.

Optional: Fixed Color or RGB LEDS for Accent Lighting Application

Important: Moving Walk lighting applications are generally job specific due to unique customer requirements and run lengths. Product can be installed on any application where existing lighting was previously installed, however, applications may exist that exclude installation where no light housing cavity exist.

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